Relationships and Family Caregiving – Auto Verbal by No Tie



Thanks for making AutoVerbal the #1 iPad & #2 iPhone Medical app!* AutoVerbal is the Elegant & Affordable AAC alternative! Now even better! You asked, we answered! CUSTOM PHOTOS, Male & Female voices & 3 ways to speak: (1) 100′s of built-in phrases in over a dozen categories (2) Program several buttons to speak your CUSTOM messages such as your name, address, family, etc. […]

Heath and Wellness: GC Homebase by GrandCare Systems


The GrandCare System is connected to any dedicated Internet Connection and communicates with “wireless” sensors throughout the residence. Designated caregivers can log into the GrandCare Website to send communications to the Loved One, view Activity & Tele-wellness sensor information, and customize the automatic caregiver alerts. A caregiver may choose to receive a call, email or text message if specified conditions occur (medication noncompliance, unusual […]

Entertainment: My Gait Senior Computer by My Gait


Reliable easy to use product + excellent customer service = COMPUTING SUCCESS
MyGait creates simple, failure-free computing experiences for senior citizens. With over 10 years of senior computing experience, we understand the senior computer user. Our software has grown with the needs of our senior users and will continue to be current, based on the evolving needs of older adults.


Whether you are in the comfort […]

Cause-Worthy Product – Unique Touch Grab Bars by Great Grabz


The Story of Great Grabz“I would rather fall than have my friends think I have a grab bar!”
Those words changed the world of Abbie Sladick, sending her on a fantastic journey of creativity and innovation in a seemingly dull industry.
For over eight years, Abbie had been making dreams come true by designing and remodeling extraordinary bathrooms for her clients. She used products from all over […]

Education and Learning: Livemocha by Livemocha



Livemocha is the world’s largest online language learning community, offering free and paid online language courses in 35 languages to more than 11 million members from 196 countries around the world.
Global interest in language learning is exploding. Trade, immigration and travel are conducted across countries and continents like never before in human history. The result is a powerful desire shared by people around the […]